What is Cytherial?


Cythera: The Greek island thought to be the home of Aphrodite, a mythical world of beauty and love that is free of time and worry whose mortal counterpart was the crossroads of travelers, merchants, bandits, and adventure seekers.

Ethereal: Light, airy, ephemeral, perfection that is thought to be otherworldly. 

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Fashion to me, at the time of this brand's creation in 2014 was perfectly summed up with these two ideas. It is something that is floats in and out of time, oftentimes seemingly magical and an expression of one's love of oneself and the worldly forces that contribute to ones own sense of style. 

Cytherial started off as a style blog documenting the outfits that I wore to my internship and evolved over the years with hiatuses, rebrandings, and overhauls.

In February of 2018, I decided to revive Cytherial into its current incarnation: a content creation and lifestyle brand that combines my love of beauty, fashion, food, and content creation.




Vincent Luu