Serina Tran


Serina Tran

I haven’t seen my buddy Serina since I graduated from college nearly 2.5 years ago. Fast forward a few years and we happened to live in the same area so I hit her up to shoot around LA. I’ve recently gotten into urban fashion photography and wanted to get some practice in shooting my models in an urban environment.

This shoot was such a great learning experience for me because I got to practice shooting in a lot of different lighting situations and backdrops. I drive in downtown a lot due to my delivery side job so I picture a lot of potential shots all over the city when I’m at work. This shoot got me to bring some ideas I’ve had into fruition and for the most part it was pretty successful!

One of my favorite shots of the day is this one at the Flower Mall. The owner of this shop was kind enough to let us take a few photos in the middle of his tropical plants. I love lush greens and this photo makes it feel like Serina and I got to go deep into the Amazon Forest. The lighting and the colors came together so perfectly


I definitely need more practice with color and learning how to get a "cleaner” edit for certain lighting situations. Sometimes the colors came out really flat and monotoned in frame so it was really difficult to draw out other colors besides the primary one. The one I had the most trouble with was the one with Serina smiling with the sunflowers at the bottom of the frame. Although it might not be my best edit, I think I’m really proud with out it came out given the circumstances. I can’t wait to keep learning about post processing and getting better at my craft.

See you all in another post on Friday ;)