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As soon as I picked up my new Canon 6D from the seller a few weeks ago, I hit up my friend Jo Choi from ACN to shoot some content around Downtown LA. That morning I borrowed Chenni’s Canon 50mm 1.4 lens just in case I decided to buy the camera so I have a lens to work with and my GOD it was such a gem to work with. Up until now I’ve only shot with lens that went down to 1.8 and I wasn’t sure how much different a 1.4 would be but it was massive. The bokeh I got from working with this lens was a dream come true.

We started shooting at this building off of Olive and Second which had hella Hong Kong vibes. It was really reminiscent of that one building EVERYONE and their mothers gets a photo at when they visit HK. Eventually we got hungry and decided to stop by the Grand Central Market. Its been a staple food spot in DTLA since it opened in 1917 and in recent years has seen a revitalization with a few new trendy food spots like Eggslut. Because the line was long AF as usual, we decided to hit up my favorite stall in the market which sells pupusas. If you haven’t had a chance to try pupusas you HAVE to make a stop at your local shop. They’re found in a few South American cuisines but I’ve always known them to be from El Salvador. They’re these delicious disks of dough that are filled with cheese or meat and fried up on a griddle and served hot with some slaw on the side for freshness. Jo and I said that they’re really similar to the korean dessert hoddeok but instead of filled with something sweet, its savory.

I ended up buying her 50mm 1.8 to start off with for now but now my biggest dilemma is whether I want to upgrade to a 1.4 or get a more versatile 24-70 lens. I’m not much of a gear head but I do believe that every photographer should have a solid kit of lenses they use for different purposes. As I’ve been shooting a lot of portraits, a 1.4 lens would be an ideal upgrade but as someone that values versatility, the 24-70 is incredibly tempting as well.

Whichever one I end up choosing, I’ll still have a few more months to decide because I have some other financial priorities that are a little more important to focus on right now.

I’ll be posting up the set of photos I shot with her and our friend Danielle later on this week as well as my April Finances recap. See you all in a few days <3 If you like the backpack I shot on Jo, head on over to American Shield and use my code CYTHERIALBLOG for 20% off your purchase!

Also, if you haven’t already, Jo is an incredibly talented photographer and videographer and you can find his work over on his Instagram.