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Delayed Gratification


This past few weeks have brought with it some new stuff into my life. Namely my new Canon 6D! I’ve been saving up for a hot minute for this camera and while I thought it would be another month or so before I would be able to get it because the kit was about $900 total on, I happened to scroll through Facebook Marketplace one night and found a seller who listed her’s for $550. I jumped on the deal and literally went out to buy it from her the next day.

It feels oddly satisfying to be able to spend the money you’ve saved up for so long to get a piece of equipment you’ve been needing for a long time. I’ve shot with my Nikon d3200 kit for a few years now and I’ve felt like I outgrew it sometime last year. With all of the savings goals I had this year, and my debt free journey I’ve been on since January, I had enough to FINALLY upgrade even with all of the setbacks I’ve encountered these past few months.

To be able to own something I’ve been saving up for is a special type of feeling I’ve never really experienced before. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve saved up for smaller purchases but this is my first “big” savings purchase. The delayed sense of gratification is so much more powerful than the instant gratification I’ve been experiencing my whole life and is really motivating me to reach bigger and bigger goals moving forward.

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I decided to take the new kit out with me to a few shoots with my friends Chenni and Jo from ACN:LA with my new backpack that American Shield sent me. With a camera bag insert I migrated from the bag I got on Amazon, this huge sucker was retrofitted to take me from shoot to edits in no time at all.

All of my gear fit perfectly in the bag from my laptop to the camera insert, hard drive case, and even my notebooks. At first I was worried that the amount of stuff I shoved in the bag would be a little too heavy for me to carry around all day but I soon realized that the comfortable straps kept everything in balance as soon as I put it on. It honestly felt lighter than when I was only using my cheapie carry all bag. On both days I had the bag on with me all day to shoot my friends and it never really bothered me at all.

If you’re interested in owning your own, check them out at and use my coupon code CYTHERIALBLOG for 20% off your order!

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